Culinary experinces in West Jutland

It's all about the seafood in Denmark's most dramatic coastal region!

Fresh fish at the source

With the North Sea dominating West Jutland landscape and lifestyle, it’s hardly surprising that it’s one the best places in the country to gorge on fresh fish. Tonnes of fish are caught daily along the coast and are available to buy at outlets just a few short hours later.

Other yummy stuff

If you’re into mussels and oysters, then head to Limfjord for a delicious, fresh selection. A small brown shrimp, indigenous to the Wadden Sea national park, is also a regional delicacy. Aside of the fruits of the North Sea, West Jutland’s lamb and beef are much-coveted, so whatever your taste, you’ll find it satisfied here.

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West Jutland

West Jutland

If you are looking for a holiday in a wild outdoors of dunes and wind-blown beaches under open sky, West Jutland is for you. Set off into rugged dunes and endless wild beaches of Denmark's West Coast.